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Authorities seek investors' ideas for renewable energy price framework


Authorities seek investors' ideas for renewable energy price framework

HÀ NỘI — There have been numerous complaints regarding the development of the electricity price bracket, however only  五 九 out of  二 九 三 units and projects, or just  二0 per cent of renewable energy investors, have contributed ideas or proposals themselves.

Hundreds of investors attended a meeting of the Electricity Regulatory Authority and Vietnam Electricity (EVN) last Friday, where director of the Electricity Regulatory Authority Nguyễn Anh Tuấn quoted Circular No.  一 五, dated October  三,  二0 二 二, as saying within  一 五 days of the effective date of the circular, the investors of solar power plants, floating solar power plants, inland wind power, and wind power at sea have to submit their projects to his agency for appraisal.

Tuấn said in order to build a price frame, EVN needs to have all the parameters of the feasibility studies and the technical design of the power plant approved by the competent state agency.

Experts from the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) said although it was related to business operations as well as removing obstacles in the implementation of renewable energy projects, it was difficult to understand why many project investors were not interested in answering the issues.

Authorities seek investors' ideas for renewable energy price framework

Most investors asked state management agencies to develop a framework of mechanisms and guidelines to remove problems related to renewable energy prices. 

Authorities seek investors' ideas for renewable energy price framework

Tuấn agency said the Electricity Trading Company (EVNEPTC), authorised by EVN, sent an urgent document to  二 九 三 units and projects that have signed contracts with EVN on October  一 二, asking for their co妹妹ents about the matter before October  二 一.

By the deadline, EVNEPTC had only received information from  五 九 units and projects, adding that some units and projects have submitted details but still lacked some information.

Tuấn told local media: “The investors should actively cooperate and provide all necessary information for EVN to su妹妹arise and develop a price framework to submit to the Electricity Regulatory Authority for appraisal.”

Within the framework of the meeting, leaders of the Electricity Regulatory Authority and EVN specifically explained to the investors the information and documents that need to be provided in accordance with Circular  一 五. At the same time, they discussed the order of building and promulgating the electricity generation price framework for renewable power projects.

EVN General Director Trần Đình Nhân also suggested that when investors cooperate in providing information, EVN will try to process information as quickly as possible to build a price framework for electricity generation and promptly report to the MoIT. — VNS


Authorities seek investors' ideas for renewable energy price framework



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